Frequently Asked Questions

Login to your Spacebib “account” and go to “My Participation”. Once a race is open for submissions, a “Upload results” button will be enabled for you to submit your results.

Unfortunately no, you are required to run and submit your race results within the race period stated only. Early and late submissions are not accepted.

Yes, of course! You can complete your runs/walks using a treadmill. Please take a photo of your treadmill dashboard with the following information:
1. Distance (in KM)
2. Timing
3. Date (optional)

Yes, as long as you can track your run, walk or hike with a GPS-based app. Do note that, cycling and rollerblading or using any mobility devices is strongly prohibited.

All GPS-based apps, fitness devices and indoor treadmills are accepted. As long as your result screenshot can show the date, distance and timing duration of your activity, it’s accepted.

You will need to complete the full distance for your category in order to receive the finisher entitlements. You will still receive your event entitlements such as singlet and e-bib if you signed up for the classic or premium category.

Yes, please proceed to sign up for the new category and email us your previous registration so we can void and issue you a refund. However do note that changing of category can only be done before the start of the challenge.

Yes. Anyone can join our races. We do ship worldwide. Shipping fees may incur for certain countries.